Ag Leader Compass


Compass/GPS6000 Bundle: $2,100

Key Features:

  • Compact display with built-in LED lightbar
  • 7 inch color touchscreen
  • Full screen mapping
  • Comes standard with manual guidance
  • Add OnTrac3™ assisted steering or SteerCommand™ integrated steering system (requires GPS6500) for high-end guidance
  • Compatible with ISObus Virtual Terminal Standard

Price: $2,100

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Year 2017
Make Agleader
Model Compass
Condition New
Dimensions 7.0"


Simple User Interface:

  • The Compass display is easy and simple to operate
  • Operators can create a new event and go by using the event feature option.
  • Accomplish your tasks with fewer button presses
  • Track field work and maps, which are automatically named by date and time.


  • Record outer field boundaries, interior boundaries, mark in-field obstacles, waterways or tile lines, and view maps in real time from the cab.

Guidance and Steering:

  • The Compass display supports multiple guidance patterns and displays the field ahead with multiple views.
  • Built-in lightbar cab be set to chase or follow according to operator’s preference.

Virtual Terminal:

VT capability helps clean up your cab clutter from other implement controllers and gives the Compass the ability to control ISOBUS implements including planters, sprayers, spreaders and seeders.