Ag Leader Direct Command


Ag Leader has revolutionized the application management process. Reliable application rate control will help you minimize waste whether you have an NH3 toolbar, Liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader or electric starter fertilizer pump on your planter, DirectCommand will transform the application process, allowing for maximum control.

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Year 2017
Make Ag Leader
Model DirectCommand


Liquid Application:

  • Coverage – Monitors droplet size by allowing users to enter their spray tip information and will determine the droplet size given the boom pressure to manage spray drift
  • Ease of Use – Features Load and Go for setting up ISObus equipment
  • Low Flow Situations – Pressure fallback reads the more accurate feedback of the pressure sensor rather than the flow meter, ensuring proper application rate at all times.
  • Performance – Supports 36-section boom valves and a wide variety of UT displays, control valves, flow meters, temperature sensors and pressure sensors
  • Documentation – AgFiniti® Mobile and SmartReports™ are two tools that make application documentation a cinch.

Spinner Spreader Control:

  • Controls the spinner speed and monitors the bin level. The system reads ground speed and automatically adjusts product flow to match target application rates.
  • Supports PWM, motorized servo, Mark IV.2, Mark IV.4 and Mark V hydraulic control valves.
  • Container Sequencing supports application of the same product sequentially from multiple bins.

Strip-Till Application:

  • Control up to three channels of granular product
  • Simultaneously control NH3 and nitrogen stabilizer with the addition of control modules.
  • Variable rate application of single or multiple products, controls application rates of granular products automatically, based on prescription maps.
  • SteerCommand with GPS 6500 offers sub-inch accuracy needed for strip-till operations

Norac and OptRx:

  • OptRx Crop Sensors measure the needs of your crop and provide application rate recommendations for chemicals in real time to maximize your profit.
  • Complete support of the NORAC UC5™ boom height control system