Ag Leader Seed Command


Each planting season you get one chance to get your crop in the ground just right. Making sure your planter is performing optimally and each seed is being placed at the right depth, proper spacing and at the right population is critical. Achieve the best crop of your life with Ag Leader SeedCommand.

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Year 2017
Make Ag Leader
Model Seed Command



  • Built to install on most major planter brands on the market.
  • Robust, sealed construction is maintenance free for season after season durability and reliability.
  • Eliminate rusty chains, time intensive air clutches, old harnesses and bearings
  • SureDrives automatically adjust meter speed on each row to keep a consistent population around turns, contours and terraces.
  • Act as individual row shutoffs as well as supporting variable rate seeding

Hydraulic Down Force:

  • Provides a consistent seed depth in all fields
  • Responds in less than 1 second, unlike air bag systems that can take up to 20+ seconds to respond.
  • Row-by-row sensing and control available, apply variable pressure across changing spots in the field or where more compaction is present.
  • Minimize stress on row unit with the nitrogen accumulator that accommodates tough operating conditions with today’s faster planting speeds
  • ISObus ready system will run on any UT capable display

Section Control:

  • AutoSwath turns planter sections on or off row-by-row
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-install automatic row shutoffs
  • SureStop electric clutches are designed for chain-drive seed meters
  • SureVac electric row shutoffs are compatible with John Deere vacuum planters.

Population Monitoring:

  • Provides a window into your planter as it’s rolling across the field
  • View planting data on the individual row basis, and gain further insight into underperforming
  • Address planter issues before it’s too late