Kuhn Krause Dominator 4855

The Kuhn Krause Dominator® primary tillage system is revolutionizing fall tillage. By managing residue in the fall and leaving a more level fall seedbed condition, the Dominator sets the stage for fast efficient spring seedbed trips and maximum yields.

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Make Kuhn Krause
Model Dominator 4855
Condition New


Dominators are available in 9 to 13 shank models in either a 1 section frame or 3 section folding frame. Both flat bar and round bar rolling baskets are available on the Dominator.



Working width (Feet)                                     10’6″ – 19’6″

Coulter size (in)                                                 25″

Number of Shanks                                             7-13

Number of Subsoil Shanks                               3-7

Number of Chisel Shanks                                 4-6

Transportation width (ft)                                 13’10” – 14’10″

Transportation Height (ft)                               6’6″ – 13’5″

Number of sections                                            1-3

Frame type                                                          Rigid or Folding

Weight (lbs)                                                        12,597-22,449

Working depth (min.) (in)                               8″

Working depth (max) (in)                               16″

Recommended HP                                          200-525

Recommended Operating Speed (MPH)        4-7