Kuhn Krause PKR 4400

The proven Kuhn Krause 4400 packers pulverize clods, press down stones and eliminate air pockets in the soil, resulting in a superior seedbed to give your crop uniform emergence and even soil temperature right from the start.

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Make Kuhn Krause
Model PKR 4400
Condition New


Kuhn Krause’s innovative use of massive 6 5/8″ roller axles eliminate the need for troublesome middle gang bearings on Flex-Wing models and eliminates the skip in the tilled soil due to the space taken by the middle gang bearing. Transport wheels clear the soil by several inches eliminating wheel tracks in the seedbed.


Working width (feet) 12′ – 46’
Number of wheels 4
Transport width (feet) 13′ – 16’ 1”
Transport Height (feet) 6’11” – 8’4″
Number of sections 1 – 3
Frame type Rigid – Folding
Weight (lb) 2,875 – 11,040
Tractor Power (hp) 12 – 92