Interceptor 8050

The KUHN Krause Interceptor™ 8050 delivers high-speed tillage to control stubborn, chemical resistant weed growth, while sizing and evenly distributing tough residue into the worked soil profile. This action not only kills weeds and limits potential movement of wind driven residue, but also contributes to residue breakdown throughout the year and builds soil organic matter.

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Make Kuhn Krause
Model Interceptor 8050
Condition New


The Interceptor 8050 incorporates individually mounted 22” diameter x 32-flute Excalibur® CT (Conservation Tillage) shallow concavity blades mounted in parallel front and rear rows to cut and direct soil and residue flow. Adjustable, constant-flow hydraulic wing down pressure allows the Interceptor to maintain consistent soil penetration across the working width while operating at higher field speeds – a first step toward accurate planter seed placement. Additional standard features include: no-daily grease maintenance bearings for the Excalibur CT blades, walking beam pivots, wing fold and wheel lift pivots, Star Wheel™ treader gangs and 24/7® reels.


Working width (feet) 19′ – 29’
Coulter size (in) 22″
Transport width (feet) 13’5″ – 16’5”
Transport Height (feet) 11’5″ – 14’
Number of sections 3
Frame type Folding
Weight (lb) 18407 – 25200
Working depth (max.) (inches) 5″
Tractor Power (hp) 260 – 450